Pinokia™ Ω Transition ©Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo

The inspiration for creating Pinokia came by way of this strange idea that I have about the orphan child of love, none other than that vicious, scathing, cowardice bitch or bastard called, betrayal. I suppose I'm old fashioned in this way but I believe that betrayal should never enter into any equation. All is fair in love and war, I have no idea who said that originally but it's nothing but bullshit! Love should never be associated with war.

Out from the depths and far reaches of my not so ordinary imagination Pinokia rose. After many long days and nights of searching for a 1950's mannequin, I found a not so complementary bust image of Pinokia in Googlesville. I nearly gave up hope when suddenly, there among hundreds of pictures, she was, she was 'thee one'. I was captivated and mesmerized; I fell in love at first sight. Several years have passed now from that very first moment, Pinokia and I have become very close. She doesn't speak so we rely on that which is revealed from one sitting to the next. Today, we know each other very well, we have a profound love, respect and admiration for one another. It has taken five years for Pinokia to trust me enough to reveal to me and the world that she was born a hermaphrodite. How does this happen, who knows and who cares, she is beautiful and will live in secret no more, not about this or anything else. When she's not posing for me, Pinokia spends most of her days in cyberspace. She fights the good fight and loves all things humanitarian, all that lifts you up. She is very interested in the wellness of children, the elderly, the planet and animals. She, like all of us enjoys all the 'good stuff'. Pinokia is vegan and she absolutely adores fashion and glamour, especially Versace and Prada. She shattered her mold and broke free of it, she looks forward to her next venture, a PICTURE BOOK for your optical pleasure.

I've gathered many things from my friendship with Pinokia one of the most important and profound learning’s we have shared is this; that all things were, are and will be created by God. This includes those creations that you, I or another might sometimes or always for some unknown, no-good reason find repulsive, offensive or outside the realm of our willingness to comprehend or understand. Thus, even the most minute negative inference towards Gods creations is impotent of love.

We like to think of ourselves as loving and kind creatures but given the condition of the earth, humanity and the world it is evident that the fine line is crossed more often than not and we are more hate than we are love, more darkness than light and more evil than good. This is not to imply that hate, darkness or evil are greater than love, light or good because they are not. God is, was and always shall be the greater and the greatest power. The fact is that we, I prefer my will over Gods will and as long as I clutch the notion that what I want is better for me than what God knows I need, by choice, I set myself apart from Gods grace allowing the lesser of all three to be greater.

It seems that I am still willing to fuel the fire that consumes both the oxygen in my life blood and the good in my heart. What is really ironic is that exactly that which fragments is also that which finds and binds me. So it's off to the edge of the cliff of the voice that whispers 'jump'. I find myself at the Overlook Hotel, the year is 1941 and once again I'm closer to the flames than is safe for me to be. There I stand twelve feet deep in white powder, lost in a maze, asking for the unbearable gazillion time, why? Next to God, Pinokia has been gracious enough to lend my voice an ear and my soul refuge in any of my many darkest moments and times of need and I am grateful. I have hoped to find the same loyalty and love in another human being but to this date, sadly, I have not but I still have hope. -Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo